“About Us”

Another marriage web site brought to you by members of the Greater Omaha Genealogy Society.  Since we are adding marriage records to the collections at the W. Dale Clark Library in Omaha, we thought we’d take some time to help people find ancestral information in places other than Omaha.   Thurston county seemed like a good place to start, because we have one reel of the marriages.  

It’s been fun indexing, although I confess that some of the handwriting leaves everything to be desired.  (Have you seen English written in a near “flat line”?)  Add to the challenge, the Native American names that I don’t know how to spell–so in some cases, I’m guessing at the spelling when the writing isn’t the best.  If you recognize something  and know a better spelling, send me an email at Sahara346@aol.com.  The names that are just Native American confused the computer and it insisted on alphabetizing them together, so I have left it that way until I can figure out how to over ride the system.  (I confess to being a genealogist, not a computer techie.)

There will be more names added, but thought that I’d get these started in case somebody’s looking.


Want a copy or copies?  You can contact Thurston county, or G.O.G.S. at PO Box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104.  I don’t know how much Thurston county charges, but we’ll get you a copy by mail for $5, or if you prefer: email with your email address included.


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